We are delighted in producing the best products for our customers

The raw materials shall be sourced from;

  • Farmers,
  • Farming Groups,
  • Cereal Commodity traders.

Initially Jamii Milling Ltd plans to control up to 10 % of the milling business in the Kenyan Market, with plans to further increase the coverage. Jamii Milling shall operate on sound principles and a well cultivated Customer Partnership. This means that Jamii Milling Limited shall be the purchaser of choice in the grain producing areas of the country.

One of the concerns of Jamii Milling Limited is to develop a mutually profitable relationship between it and the farming community in the region. This is a careful consideration especially when all stakeholders are aware of the perennial frustrations faced by cereal farmers at the peak time of marketing their produce.

At Jamii Milling we believe in fair trading practices that will ensure a sense of confidence from our partners. That way we intend to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the farming community that will be a departure from the current annual scenario, thereby ensuring seamless control of quality input from our suppliers. In turn it means that we shall then be able to serve our customers better.

Additionally Jamii Milling intends to closely monitor and react to the ever changing and sensitive nutritional requirements in the country. In doing so Jamii shall strive to produce healthy foods at the most cost effective processes. This has been taken care of from the initial stages of plant and machinery design stage by deliberately putting together a tailored process system that is fit for purpose from the start.

The sale company’s products shall be channeled mainly on business to business basis through

  • Supermarkets,
  • Wholesalers
  • Retail shops.

The product portfolio and parameters shall exceed customer expectations and in all cases be as per legal and statutory indications. Jamii Milling shall always strive to reach its customers as close as is practicable.

Economic Benefits

The envisaged benefits of establishing the plant in this area includes, inter alia;

  • Initialization of a ready market for farm produce to the farming community. In most cases the farmers transport their produce to the urban centres where conditions are hostile due to needless traffic congestions. This business can be conducted in a serene dedicated environment near the mills.
  • Immediate value addition of goods. Bi products which are of lower but significant use do not have to end up far away from the region at an unnecessary opportunity cost. These bi-products can be utilized with or without value addition in the vicinity as nutrition for animals.
  • Employment opportunities for members of the local community. Grain handling in general has a myriad of opportunities for general labour. Whether it is undertaken on behalf of farmers, transporters or the mills it will boil down to daily earnings that will support the needs of many families. Informal sales of food, packing materials and other items will attract other entrepreneurs.
  • Local multiplier effect on businesses and individuals by way of increased local economic activity. Related businesses shall include food provision, accommodation, Shops, etc
  • New trading and investment opportunities for business entities. This is because there will be increased circulation of disposable income.
  • Earning on transport and general grain handling activities
  • Local skills enhancement. With mechanization and automation of activities new areas of skill contribution shall be needed. Among the skills that shall be required and enhanced are those in Electrical, Mechanical Fitting, maintenance, Machine Operation, Process Supervision, Quality Control, Clerical, Human Resource Management, Accounting, among other skilled disciplines. This means that young graduates from middle to top level colleges can benefit in career building.
  • Top of range Technology Transfer. The plant and machinery to be utilized shall be of cutting edge process systems. Persons working in these environments shall have the command of the latest working techniques and shall therefore be most competitively trained to be able to handle any issues of the current food industry. In this aspect there shall be openings for advanced management in Finance, Engineering and Marketing.
  • Revenue from new lines of supplies to the Plants, including consumer goods
  • Real estate spinoff. The profile of the nearby trading centres will be automatically raised.
  • Profile raise to the area and Eldoret Town and the County in general shall of course be the ultimate goal.