We are delighted in producing the best products for our customers


” To create opportunities and improve the lives of the communities we do business in.”


” To be a world class integrated agribusiness and a leader in delivering value through premium food products in East Africa.”

Jamii Milling Ltd is a new entrant into the cereals milling sector. We envisage being the miller of choice by adding value to both our suppliers, customers, products and the community we engage with.

Jamii Milling Ltd is located in Sergoit Location of Uasin Gishu County, 22 Km north of Eldoret Town. The site selection informs surrounding agriculturally rich regions of Uasin Gishu, Trans Nzoia and other adjacent cereal growing areas. The advantage here is that transportation of raw materials from farms to mills can be done at lowest cost to all parties. Thereafter the value added main product can be placed on transit at a favorable transport cost ratio to the target market centers.

Jamii Milling recognizes the need to tap into the vast potential of the farming regions of the rift region. Currently there is a recognized need for a change of the business model for dealing in farm produce in the region. Traditionally there has been little or no value addition after the farm gate. Jamii Milling intends to be a trail blazer so that the farming community can realize that the region can reap the benefits of marketing value added products. Hopefully this will encourage the other players to take up the challenge of ensuring that all forms of farm produce can be placed into a bracket of enhanced earnings. In future this should be the norm in the county business. It is the aspiration of Jamii Milling to be a pioneer and contributor in this noble direction.

Jamii Milling Limited shall put in place and apply reasonable resources to ensure itself a noble place in the regional development of agribusiness as a way of life to the farming communities of this country. It is time to reverse the notion that high quality products can only be processed away from the vicinity of the primary producer. It is time to ensure that only high quality finished products are taken to the market.