We are delighted in producing the best products for our customers

Jamii Milling Limited operates as a food manufacturing company. The business involves value addition of agricultural produce, specifically grains; to produce a main products and bi-products. The first factory consists of a Maize Milling Plant with a capacity of 140 Metric Tons per 24 hrs. Here the main product is sifted maize meal with the bi-product being Bran/Germ. The process employed is Wet Milling using state of the art technology.

A second plant for milling wheat products is phased to follow immediately after the Maize Plant is successfully commissioned. It will have the same Daily Capacity.

Other value addition processes shall always be considered in line with continued development and diversification of county farming activities.

Jamii Milling has invested in Systems that are completely compliant with International Occupational Health and Safety Requirements as well any national and international HACCP food principles. Jamii Milling is therefore capable and ready to adhere to any ruling Acts, Rules and Regulations, and By-laws as pertain to the Food Industry in this country.

It is worth noting that the systems of production employed by Jamii Milling shall not include any toxic emission or effluent whatsoever.

The main competitive edge Jamii Millers Ltd shall have over the competition shall be;

  • The positioning at the grain production catchment area thereby cutting cost on raw material transport costs.
  • Utilization of state of the art technology. This comes with efficient, reliable and energy saving systems
  • Sound Management Principles. Cost of Goods Sold shall be managed through better management of SGA.
  • Premium product qualities.
  • Management of waste of resources
  • maximum uptime due to superior technology
  • Adequate media coverage
  • Community embrace of project ideals through partnerships
  • Knowledgeable and skilled manpower